Wednesday, November 28, 2007

hilarious entourage moment

Nope, didn't have time to get to that The Office poster. But I did apply to LA internships, and heard back from one within 10 minutes. VERY exciting stuff, but I'm not giving any specifics until January when I'm out there in LA.

And Bryan and I finally got our hands on Entourage Season 3, Part 2, Disc 1. That is, after first getting Entourage Season 3, Part 2, Disc 2 inside the case of Part 2 Disc 1. Nice job, Blockbuster.

I just wanted to share this hilarious moment from Episode 5 (yes, we watched five episodes in one day... don't tell me you've never done that with any show) featuring our favorite agent, Ari Gold.

Jeremy Piven = awesome.

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